Channappa Heera

President/ Executive Director

I’m an ordinary man with an extraordinary zeal to serve humanity. My journey in the social sector started in 1999 with an NGO, SATHI. Though my deep-rooted desire and passion were to dedicate myself for the social service, the dire need to earn for my livelihood forced me to take up a job with the NGO. I used this work as my learning ground and learned in and out of the social sector. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the underprivileged children, slum children as an outreach worker in various states like U.P, A.P, Delhi, Karnataka etc. overcoming the cultural and language barriers.

Finally, my dream of starting an NGO came true when I founded SATH in 2017. My passion, sincerity and hard work brought several great opportunities to work with both the Urban and rural children who were predominantly rag pickers, school dropouts, drug-addicted, destitute children and the abused. My rural background came as a boon to understand these children and their problems at the grass-root level and offer a solution for their betterment.
My child-friendly personality helped me to counsel the parents and the children with greater ease and persuade them to get back to school. In my efforts, I formed various working committees for the upliftment of these children. Attitude change in the parents has been one of the best outcomes of my efforts!

I have been closely working with the education department and organizing periodic meetings and camps involving thousands of slum-dwelling parents towards creating awareness and the importance of educating their children.