Feed a child @ INR 2100/- Per Month Per Child​

A small token of your love will help seamlessly feed the 32+ children at Sukhanya Ghar by Sath Foundation. The amount you pay goes into a corpus fund which is dedicated to serving nutritious and healthy food for the kids.

Contribute any Amount

Financial help, big or small contributes substantially to the well being of the kids at Sukhanya Ghar. We are thankful and appreciative of any contribution you make to better irrespective of the amount.



Donate used computers, laptops, smartphones, tabs etc towards children’s education

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Donate clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows etc. for the girls – 4 to 14 years

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Donate computer tables, chairs, boards etc. and Stationary Items.

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Donate Grocery items, offer food for a day, fruits, vegetables etc

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