Rehabilitation of Street /Vulnerable Children through Residential Home

We often come across children loitering in the streets, train/bus stations, Signal joints, under the bridge in the cities and towns. These children are either orphans or neglected by their own families for various reasons. These children, especially girls are vulnerable to considerable risks like trafficking, molestation, rapes, child abuse, child labor etc.

These children do not have a safe shelter, often living on the walkways and platforms. They lack nutritious food, proper clothing, sanitary facilities, hygiene and education. Their physical and mental growth is compromised as the diet is not balanced. They are vulnerable to diseases living in the unhygienic conditions. They are ignored, abused and considered menace to the society. Unfortunately, these hard living situations affect their psychological development badly and they end up indulging themselves in criminal and illegal activities eventually.

The children we try to rehabilitate often come from the families with very difficult home situations that are not conducive for the child’s comprehensive growth. We run the home in the govt. school premises to help such children, providing all basic amenities and a secure environment. They enjoy all the benefits of being inside a regular school, including the activities and interactions with more privileged peer groups. This positive environment enables each child to grow and reach his/her full potential.  As the name suggests, Sukanya Ghar is a home for the girls working towards uplifting their self esteem, self confidence and shaping their future by providing them the right atmosphere to grow, nutritious food, clothing and the right education. Sukanya Ghar ensures safe and happy childhood for these vulnerable girl children who were living on the street.

The 5 Core Activities of the Organization


1. Survey Process

SATH is on the continuous lookout for the girl children round the year. Often these are found to be victims of trafficking / sexual abuse, children of the single-parent homes where the mother/father is unable to care for the child, street children indulged in begging/rag picking and the ones from the dysfunctional families. As soon as we come across a neglected child, we ensure to meet the child every day and gradually establish good rapport to win the trust and confidence of the child. In the meantime, we gather complete details of the child from the neighborhood and talk to the child / parents about moving into the Home. With their consent, the child is brought to the Home and introduced to the other inmates after the necessary approvals by the admission committee. Necessary health checkups are conducted besides offering nutritious food and clean outfits.


2. Value Education

The girls at Sukhanya Ghar are offered the following value based education by our esteemed volunteers towards their holistic development.

  • Life skills
  • Spoken English
  • Career Guidance
  • Dance / cultural activities
  • Sports
  • Educational trips
  • Recreational trips etc.


3. Bridge Education

Considering the fact that these children are either out of school or have never been to school, they are offered bridge education at Sukanya Ghar and once they get basic education on the 3 subjects, they are enrolled in the age appropriate grades in the Govt. Higher Primary School, Mahadevapura.

The basic subjects covered at Sukhanya Ghar are

  • English
  • Kannada
  • Mathematics


4. Health Care

The girls at Sukanya Ghar are subjected to the annual medical checkups and their health status is constantly monitored and the nutrition is adjusted accordingly. Any child requiring to follow up checkups / specialized treatments are consulted with the specialists and necessary treatments are provided.


5. Community Participation

Besides offering rehabilitation services to the children, SATH participates in the following activities in the neighborhood slum areas.
• Distribution of groceries / food
• Distribution of clothes , face masks , blankets etc
• Birthday celebrations
• Health camps

Bridge Schooling

What is it?

SATH extends its wings to offer bridge education to the children located in the slum areas who have never been to school / out of school. These children are from the families whose parents are engaged in menial jobs like rag picking, begging, hair selling, house maids, construction laborers etc. Here is the statistics.


Currently the school is located at Kowdenahalli, KR puram in a rented building managed by 2 teachers.


53 Students in 2018-19
43 in 2019-20
44 in 20-21