At our NGO, we work with children aged 6-14 who face challenges like moving to slums, dropping out of school, or not enjoying studying. Our Bridge School Program focuses on helping these children, many of whom start unhealthy habits early because they lack access to proper school supplies and a supportive environment. We aim to help them adjust to the school setting and develop good behavior habits.

After children complete a year in our Bridge School and transition to government schools, we continue to support them through our After School Program. This program provides additional classes after regular school hours, where we assist them with their homework and teach them subjects they find difficult. This extra support has led to improved academic performance and a significant decrease in the number of children leaving school.

Our Digital Literacy Program is designed to help government school children who struggle with subjects such as English, Maths, and Science. Through digital classes held in the afternoon, we have been able to reach over 530 children, providing them with essential learning resources and sparking a greater interest in learning.

Initiated in November 2021, this program uses engaging teaching methods like video lessons and interactive sessions to enhance the children’s understanding and retention of the subjects. As a result, we have observed noticeable improvements in their academic performance and a greater enthusiasm for learning.

Additionally, our Chimple Learning Program utilizes a special app called Chimple Learning, which is installed on digital tablets provided to the children on a weekly basis. This innovative approach to education enhances visual learning aids and helps the children better understand and identify objects, thereby enhancing their overall learning experience and capacity.

The 5 Core Activities of the Organization


1. Survey Process

SATH is on the continuous lookout for the girl children round the year. Often these are found to be victims of trafficking / sexual abuse, children of the single-parent homes where the mother/father is unable to care for the child, street children indulged in begging/rag picking and the ones from the dysfunctional families. As soon as we come across a neglected child, we ensure to meet the child every day and gradually establish good rapport to win the trust and confidence of the child. In the meantime, we gather complete details of the child from the neighborhood and talk to the child / parents about moving into the Home. With their consent, the child is brought to the Home and introduced to the other inmates after the necessary approvals by the admission committee. Necessary health checkups are conducted besides offering nutritious food and clean outfits.


2. Value Education

The girls at Sukhanya Ghar are offered the following value based education by our esteemed volunteers towards their holistic development.

  • Life skills
  • Spoken English
  • Career Guidance
  • Dance / cultural activities
  • Sports
  • Educational trips
  • Recreational trips etc.


3. Bridge Education

Considering the fact that these children are either out of school or have never been to school, they are offered bridge education at Sukanya Ghar and once they get basic education on the 3 subjects, they are enrolled in the age appropriate grades in the Govt. Higher Primary School, Mahadevapura.

The basic subjects covered at Sukhanya Ghar are

  • English
  • Kannada
  • Mathematics


4. Health Care

The girls at Sukanya Ghar are subjected to the annual medical checkups and their health status is constantly monitored and the nutrition is adjusted accordingly. Any child requiring to follow up checkups / specialized treatments are consulted with the specialists and necessary treatments are provided.


5. Community Participation

Besides offering rehabilitation services to the children, SATH participates in the following activities in the neighborhood slum areas.
• Distribution of groceries / food
• Distribution of clothes , face masks , blankets etc
• Birthday celebrations
• Health camps

Bridge School

The Bridge School program, a flagship initiative of our NGO, aims to transform the lives of vulnerable children aged 6-14 who are often found loitering in the streets, predominantly migrants from various parts of India. These children are at risk of developing harmful habits like smoking and drinking at an early age due to their challenging circumstances. Many of them have dropped out of school due to a lack of interest or access to basic educational resources such as books, bags, and uniforms. Our primary challenge lies in reintegrating these children into a structured educational environment and instilling discipline in them.

At SATH Trust, we have implemented several programs and projects over the last quarter to support the holistic development of slum children, particularly focusing on the Bridge School program. This initiative has been remarkably successful, thanks to our comprehensive approach. We identified children in need within the slum areas through surveys and then selected them to participate in the program. Through a collaborative agreement with the Department of Education, we ensured that these children not only received education but were also mentally prepared and motivated to understand the importance of schooling for their future.

Currently, we are proud to have 150 children enrolled in the Bridge School program for the fiscal year 2023-2024. The program is being conducted across three locations: Kowdenahalli, Vignan Nagar, and Rammurthy Nagar. Through the Bridge School program, we are not just providing education; we are nurturing bright futures and empowering these children to break free from the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.

Bridge Children-After School

Our Bridge School’s After School Program is a big part of what we do. We give extra lessons and help with homework to kids who go to government schools. Our teachers work hard to make sure these kids understand their lessons and enjoy learning. Because of this, fewer kids are leaving school, and more are excited about learning.

Right now, we’re helping about 940 kids in Kowdenahalli, Vignan Nagar, and Rammurthy Nagar. We’re giving them the support they need to do well in school and beyond.

After School Enrichment Program for Govt School children

In places where there aren’t enough teachers, our After School Enrichment Program helps out. We use technology to connect good teachers with kids in government school. These live classes help kids aged 11-14 (5th to 7th grade) learn better and dream big.

Program Overview

Our After School Enrichment Program covers 10 government schools in South 4, Bangalore. We want to help kids who don’t have many opportunities. Here’s what we offer:

  • Help with Schoolwork: We give extra classes in English, Math, and Science to make these subjects easier.
  • Help with Growing Up: We focus on helping kids grow into confident and caring individuals.
  • Fun Learning: We offer activities that help kids think, create, and socialize.
  • Healthy Eating: We give kids good food to eat, which helps them think better and stay healthy.

We believe that every child should have a chance at a good education. Join us in our mission to help these kids and build a brighter future for everyone. Together, we can make a real difference.

Digital School

SATH is offering a special Digital Literacy Program for Government school children. This program helps kids in classes 5th, 6th, and 7th who find subjects like English, Maths, and Science difficult. We aim to improve their education even though they may not have all the resources they need. Our digital classes benefit around 530 children and run from 1pm to 3pm. Started in November 2021, the program has already helped nearly 5 Government school children. These kids were struggling with their studies, but after joining our digital classes, they have shown great improvement. Our volunteer teachers use videos and pictures to teach in an interesting way. The kids are more interested in studying now and their academic performance has improved. We also conduct tests to track their progress. Join us in supporting these children and making a difference in their lives.

Chimple Learning

Our NGO is dedicated to providing quality education to children aged between 6 to 14 years who have migrated to slums, dropped out of school, or lack interest in studying. We offer four key programs: Bridge School, After Bridge School, Digital School, and Chimple Learning, each designed to address specific educational needs. Chimple Learning is an innovative Android app tailored for children in K, 1st, and 2nd grades. It features a wide range of games, activities, and stories that help children learn reading, writing, and math in a fun and engaging way.

One of the standout features of Chimple Learning is its adaptive learning system. When a child first uses the app, they take a placement test that helps the AI engine determine their current learning level. Based on this assessment, the app creates a personalized learning journey for the child. Every time the child logs in, they are greeted with a customized screen that suggests lessons based on their progress and learning needs.

Chimple Learning also allows children to explore independently. The first lesson of each chapter is always open, and as the child completes each lesson, the next one unlocks. Periodically, the app presents challenges to test the child’s mastery of previous lessons. If the child demonstrates mastery, they move on to the next lesson. If not, the app ensures they revisit the material until they have a firm grasp of it.

Teachers can use the companion app to track student progress and create tailored learning plans. Chimple Learning is designed to work without continuous internet access, making it suitable for use in various settings, including schools, communities, and distance learning programs. Through personalized and adaptive learning, Chimple Learning empowers children to learn at their own pace, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed in their education.